Margarete Brandenburg,LLC
LMHC, M.Div., MA, MT-BC,Fellow AAPC
Professional Licensed Counselor
Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner
Pastoral Counselor/Psychospiritual Therapist
Master Results Coach/Master NLP
Energy/Sound/Vibration Therapist
Professional Speaker/Trainer
Margarete Brandenburg -Speaker/Trainer/Workshops
With many years in speaking, training, and
counseling, Margarete is able to offer a variety
of retreats, workshops and seminars.
These include such topics as:
How to Shift Your Consciousness - NOW!

Instant Connection: How to Not Only Read
People but Connect With Them

Releasing the Fear of Public Speaking

How to Get Unstuck

Giving Gentle, Effective Feedback

Dealing With Twisted Thinking Patterns

Effective Meditation Therapy

Practical Ways to Deal with Depression/Anxiety

Expanded Awareness and Focus in Your Life

A New Way to Think of and Extend Forgiveness

Empowering Yourself

The Power of Intention

The Power of Staying in the Present

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