Margarete Brandenburg - Pre-Marital Counseling
Margarete Brandenburg,LLC
LMHC, M.Div., MA, MT-BC,Fellow AAPC
Professional Licensed Counselor
Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner
Pastoral Counselor/Psychospiritual Therapist
Master Results Coach
Energy/Sound/Vibration Therapist
Professional Speaker/Trainer
Many couples who have been in therapy with Margarete state that they wish they
had had much more extensive pre-marital counseling prior to marriage. They
state it would have made communication, transition, issues of child rearing,
money, sex, religious beliefs - all much easier to navigate.

Margarete uses the Prepare/Enrich Inventory system to help couples begin to
look at growth areas and strengths in their relationships. From out of the
inventory comes many areas to discuss, flesh out, and undergird with hand-outs
on such issues as dealing with anger, how to discuss/communicate in a sensitve
and compassionate manner, working with old beliefs about money, etc.

Contact Margarete to schedule a session to begin the Prepare/Enrich Inventory
process. Usually it takes about 3 sessions to fully complete, i.e. one session for
interview and filling out of inventory, another session to go over results and
discuss highlighted areas, and a third session to further encourage and undergird
new behaviors or ways of looking at things.