Margarete Brandenburg,LLC
LMHC, M.Div., MA, MT-BC,Fellow AAPC
Professional Licensed Counselor
Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner
Pastoral Counselor/Psychospiritual Therapist
Master Results Coach
Energy/Sound/Vibration Therapist
Professional Speaker/Trainer
Margarete Brandenburg - Energy Therapies
Energy therapy or Energy psychology are names for such treatments as Matrix
Energetics, Emotional Freedom Technique, Psych-K, Reiki,  Somaenergetics,
music/sound/vibration, Yuen Energetics Method, Garcia Innergetics,and many other
forms. Margarete is a qualified practitioner in each of these.

Each of these help access subconscious material that acts energetically as well
upon mind and body. Quantum Physics posits that all is energy - just some forms
are 'denser' than others. If our thoughts then, are 'things', it's possible that they
become stuck in the energy field/human spirit and cause blockages or disruptions in
the energy system.

Energy therapies can be integrated into the psychotherapy session and tailored
specifically for each client as needed. They can work in a very quick, painless,
effective manner that often works far faster and deeper than normal insight or
cognitive behavioral therapy. While insight, solution-oriented, brief therapy or
cognitive behavioral therapy are helpful and powerful in their own right; the addition
and integration of energy therapy/psychology can move things along in a powerful
way that creates more freedom, release, freedom, relaxation, and awareness of
inner strength for the client.

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